Rani says she started a ‘new journey’ with ‘Hichki’

Bollywood PubCelebritiesPosted On: Mar 23rd 2020.
Source: IANS

Her film “Hichki” completed two years of its release on Monday, andactress Rani Mukerji said that the film is very special for her and that she started a new journey in the industry with the movie.

“When I think how special ‘Hichki’ is, I have to first say that it was a triumph of sorts for many things. It was breaking a lot of stereotypes. I was doing a film after marriage and motherhood,” she said.

Rani added: “It was a film that was releasing globally especially in countries like China where it became a blockbuster and was accepted as a heart-touching human story and a celebration of the human spirit. I think that kind of proved how special a film ‘Hichki’ was.”

The film has a message of beating stereotypes and featured Rani as a determined school teacher who is dealing with Tourette Syndrome.

Rani says the statement “Hichki” made with its success shattered the massive stereotype that married actresses are shunned by audience, aregressive belief prevalent in the industry.

” ‘Hichki’ spoke about a lot of things which were kind of unspoken in away. When you do a film, you don’t know what that film is going to eventually do but the success of ‘Hichki’ helped a lot of people to understand that it’s never an actor’s personal life that can trigger any kind of failure or success. It all depends on how good the content is, what are you doing as an artist to bring the script to life and with what intention you are making a film,” she said.

Rani says the film was made with the “purest of intentions” and that no amount of business strategy went in to making “Hichki”.

The actress feels “Hichki” will forever remain a truly “special” film for her.

“I think for me it will always remain as that one special film. My first film after motherhood. In a way, my first film in the second innings of my career. It was a re-birth for me as a person, as a mother. I started a new journey in the industry and ‘Hichki’ would be the first. My first ever film was Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat which was my Phase 1 I would say and in Phase 2 – Hichki would be my 1st film. It will always remain special. I loved working on it,” she said.

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